visual super explosion


i fear that n1s will be the red-headed step child for quite some time. whatever time is leftover after i’m done working and working out is devoted to bold swaths now. so these link heavy posts of things that catch my eye will probably be the norm here for a while. but it’s stuff i want you to know about.

  1. attaboy is having a yard / art (YART!) sale this saturday from 12-4 in the mish. go support your local art scene and pick me up something.
  2. trailer for christopher guests new movie!!! bonus: christopher rockin out on 11 in a new passat
  3. something for you to read offline. prequel magazine (PDF)
  4. something more somber to see. a description of the send off a company gives one of its fallen members in iraq before sending the body home.
  5. oof that’s heavy. how bout something i would have paid to see for the shock and humor. steve wynn puts his elbow thru a picasso painting he paid $50 million for.

p.s. anyone lookin to buy me an inexpensive belated birthday present?


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