i owe you one


see? i told you my posting was gonna decline and just be infrequent mega-updates. i’m not even gonna use bullets or lists this time. you’re just gonna have to play along. despite all my best efforts i’ve been in an acquiring mood lately. granted my intention here is to get a few wicked awesome things that will replace multiple possessions so that the end result is less things. but right now i have 50% more shit because i’ve been too overwhelmed with all the new stuff to get rid of the old stuff yet.

last week when apple finally announced the core 2 duo (hello intel, the brand police called.) macbook pro (hello apple, they’re calling you TOO) i bit the bullet and ordered one that day. it came on monday, a week before it was supposed to come according to the projected ship date on my order. i was in heaven, and in shock. let me say, the thing rules. it’s friggin fast, and solid, and slim. and it’s about 50% cooler (temperature wise) than the original macbook pros and about 25% cooler than my powerbook. and it has front row. the only crappy thing is that apple has two types of screens now and i didn’t know which one to get so i got the old anti glare one instead of the glossy. which of course makes me wonder if i should have gotten the glossy.

for the first time evar, i bought something i blogged on bold swaths, the tom bihn archetype, to protect my new baby. then i emailed the pals at squid to set up an appointment to have it laser customized.

i’m on a tear in the gym and it feels good. but i’ve been eating like crap, and that feels bad. still calories are calories when you are workin out alot.

i’m so totally psyched to be me. seriously. i mean people send me things. they give me nice shit too. i’m not braggin here, because i’m totally humbled everytime someone does something nice for me. they make my life easier. i love you all. i know it’s lame to say it en masse like this, but i do try to thank each and every person for the nice things they do for me. sometimes i’m just not sure i say it often or loud enough.

i’m writing it down just so i can say i told you so. i’ve been telling people ever since jobs pre-announced the itv. trust me when i say that apple will launch an iphone at macworld sf. rumors of it grow stronger every day here in the bay area, and all sorts of shit points to it. and the only reason jobs, who never announces anything before it’s launched, would pre-announce something as huge as the itv would be if he doesn’t want anything big to steal the limelight for something they’re cookin up for mac world. now don’t get me wrong. itv is gonna be a big announcements. and they’re gonna have to announce a new airport and 802.11 firmware updates for new mac owners to go along with it. but i know they’ve got something even bigger.

let me say this loud and clear. if you live in the US, i hope you all are voting on tuesday. i have a request. one that is going to sicken you. but this is a question of short term pain for long term gain. i have a 20 year plan here. well actually it’s not my plan, it’s craig’s plan, but i see the beauty of it. here’s the deal. let’s face it, this country is on a downward trajectory, intellectually and economically. and our dive is so sever we can no longer just *poof* pull up and save this flight. so even if you vote democrat, it’s not going to stop anything. all it’s going to do is put democrats in office when the country is most likely to crash. and what do you think the republicans are gonna do. they’re gonna do the smart thing and blame the democrats. and the democrats are too disorganized to start demonstrating how badly things are fucked up beforehand so that people might not believe these lies. so if you put put democrats in office now, they might get in for one term, two tops. however, if you are of solid will, you can wait. let the republicans win again and again. until this country has crashed. crashed bad so that no one will forget. crashed like planes into two towers. and then people will remember that it was the republicans who were in power. and the republicans won’t be able to blame it on anyone else. and then the next election, the democrats will win, despite their disorganization and poor strategy. they will win for a long time, because people will remember how bad things got. let’s face it, the republicans already used up your social security. you’re not getting it back no matter who you voted for. think of the long term future of this country when you go to the polls.

and finally. is november the best month for movies or what?! me ryan and veronica are going to see borat late tonight.


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