nice that someone said it


the past few months the stars have started coming out. not the ones in the sky, though yes clear fall skies mean starry nights. no, i mean hollywood stars. there’s been a steady stream of male actors finally admitting they’re gay. ever since the lance bass thing (and he’s not a hollywood star or exactly closeted) male actors have been more comfortable admitting they’re gay. of course it usually happens once they’ve basically been outed (as it did with bass), but at least they’re copping to it instead of denying it and then making it an even bigger issue.

so far these have not been stars who are pretending to be straight – not the ones dating or marrying “beards”. nor are they super macho action stars (i’m looking in your direction, you know who you are). but they are guys like t.r.knight and neil patrick harris who are not playing gay characters and who obviously feel that coming out as gay will not affect their chances of playing straight leads in the future.

you know what else? no matter how big an issue the republicans are making about gay marriage this election time, it doesn’t seem to be workin as well. people are getting over it. they’re not *over* it, don’t get me wrong. but gay marriage is no longer something the republicans are able to use as a rallying cry. especially when so many republicans are being outed right now. omg is this crazy or what? i can’t wait until ken mehlman is trapped in a corner and forced to come out too. maybe karl rove will turn out to be his lover.


3 Responses to “nice that someone said it”

  1. 1 joeyjoseph

    If Bush came out and said he was gay, had gay sex with Karl and Dick, did meth with them, and said he loved Dick… $5 says the evangelicals would say they forgive him/nobodysperfect/we’reall sinners and want him to get some “psychological” help for his “problem” (the gayness silly, not the drugs!) but keep being president because he shares their values. Another $5 says they’d want him to go back to church and get re-intouch-again with god. Which is ironic because another $5 says the priest is going to have heard about Georgy boy’s interest and, well…. you know. And on and on and on. Come one, we all learned in school, those that are most vocal against, are often the culprits. They try to distance themselves.

    But Come on, why else do you think this president was so intersted in petroleum??? Huh? $5 says you hadn’t thought of that before! ZING!

  2. 2 eric

    i don’t think astroglide is made from any petroleum products, joe… or any of the new lubes. what are you subjecting your poor companions to?

  3. 3 joeyjoseph

    And a ZING! right back at me! Double zing! Touche.

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