straight trippin


tonight bobby talked me into going to the buddhist meditation with the dharma punks. now those of you who know me know i am not the type to sit still and meditate. i’m no matt raimi, but i generally gotta keep moving. so i wasn’t too sure i was up for the challenge. but bobby said it was good and the teacher would help us along and it was cool bunch of cats. and since bobby’s pretty cool i believed him. he hasn’t let me down yet.

so we rolled up and i was kinda nervous being unfamiliar with both the crowd and well pretty much everything. but the folks going inside were my kind of people – surfer types, messenger types, rocker types and a few odds and ends who were obviously comfortable in that crowd. when things start, they pretty much start right into this guided mediation. the leader saying borderline cheesy stuff about letting go and shit but the cool part was he was clearly a surfer type and wasn’t talking about our power animals or mother earth. the closest he came was some reference about sand sinking through water, but come on, we live on the ocean, that’s acceptable right?

anyhow he starts talking less and my heart starts slowing down and next thing you know we’re all quiet, my body is still and i totally start tripping. i spent a good 25 minutes with my eyes closed seeing all sorts of things build up. patterns turning into scenes turning into other patterns making more scenes or shapes. i didn’t think in words at all. i didn’t think about technology at all. i just saw images. images i’ve never seen before. i actually created. for like the first time since i was in college taking drugs. only there were no drugs. i thought it was wonderful. i’m just not sure if it’s what i was supposed to be doing.

afterwards the dude led a discussion that basically confirmed what i’ve known all along. that even though i don’t opt in to organized religion, that i act like a buddhist. which isn’t a surprise (1) considering the attachment to asian culture i was raised with and (2) because, well, most jews in california are. (no really, it’s true.) i think, being around those people, i would have felt ok being called one. it was nice to see healthy looking people with tatts and style and bikes relating to the buddha when in my head the stereotype was pretty much granola hippy types and white orientalists who study kung fu and marry asians.


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