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yes, yes happy holidays to you all, whatever you celebrate (or choose not to). i don’t celebrate any holidays per se, but i eat a few nice meals with close friends and give out a few completely randomly timed presents. and i’m cool with that. i hope this holiday season that everyone gets what they […]

oh god. why couldn’t someone send me an email saying “blog your 5 favorite movies” or something. instead veronica wants me to share 5 things that most people don’t know about me. since the only people who read my blog probably know me too well, this isn’t going to be easy. i’m pretty forthcoming, to […]

for a guy who’s taking some “time off” Jocko is too busy working and ding shit to post his usual daily link festival. so i’m going to help him out and actually blog all the shit i’ve mailed to him and the rest of my pals instead of waiting for the rest of you to […]

seriously. today i saw a link to channel 4’s faq regarding mac compatibility. this is the exact same excuse i’ve heard from 3 other companies that use windows media DRM word for word. the problem is not that apple won’t open up fairplay to channel 4 and others. this is not about fairplay. in fact […]

while waiting around, riding the bus, and during various other boring things this weekend, i played alot of loco roco. there’s something so amusing, so joyful about rolling a little blob around – about a game that only requires 2 buttons to control it. loco roco is a big game, but it is not a […]

today we lost one of our own, james kim was discovered dead after making a courageous attempt to seek out help for his family. the rest of his family, thankfully survived. i can’t even say i knew kim, only met him on a few occasions. but the world of tech writers is a small one, […]

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