american toddler or japanese hipster


while waiting around, riding the bus, and during various other boring things this weekend, i played alot of loco roco. there’s something so amusing, so joyful about rolling a little blob around – about a game that only requires 2 buttons to control it. loco roco is a big game, but it is not a hard one. at least its not hard in terms of hard to learn, it’s just challenging to do well. and that’s the fun. i’d prefer to learn fewer controls and spend more time perfecting gameplay. basically i want one or two button games that are really hard. when you think about it, tetris was just a 3 button game (right, left, rotate) and everyone thought that was fun.

but somewhere along the way, some american l33T teen (or really, john romero) convinced his friends that simple games were for babies and that adults needed to play games with a minimum of 7 buttons and controls. and thus was born a generation of rpg and fps gamers who prefer the pc to the console.

fortunately the japanese were not nearly as swayed by this movement. they were happy to dance to blinking lights, drive trains, and roll giant snowballs of crap around. and thus they have created a huge library of games that don’t require you to learn what 13 different buttons do. instead they’ve developed games that force you to learn new skills in order to progress. simple. wonderful. and totally addictive.

while i love loco roco, i know i will be done with it soon. and then i will be sad because the next game i must have is rhythm tengoku. a japan-only game for the gameboy advance. i’ve been considering buying a GB micro just so i can play it. i could have fun and brush up on my japanese all at once. yesterday i became so obsessed with it that i spent easily 40 minutes watching video of the game play on youtube. seriously.

make fun of me if you will. call me a baby. but in japan all the other cool kids (well cool adults, really) are doing it.


One Response to “american toddler or japanese hipster”

  1. 1 A.J.

    hmmm… roko-rokowa yonju pun de yu-tuba o mimashitaka ???
    eriku-san wa roko-roko desune.

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