karl rove must work for microsoft


seriously. today i saw a link to channel 4’s faq regarding mac compatibility. this is the exact same excuse i’ve heard from 3 other companies that use windows media DRM word for word. the problem is not that apple won’t open up fairplay to channel 4 and others. this is not about fairplay. in fact that wouldn’t even work here since it is for downloading, not streaming. the problem is that microsoft will not include support for macs in the janus drm. microsoft has given up developing anything for macs other than office. the windows media team now just links to a third party quicktime plugin for its windows media “support.”

and worse, these guys are making it sounds like they’re using some open standard for DRM and security, when they’re using WINDOWS MEDIA. it is just as proprietary as fairplay. the only difference being that microsoft will license it.

this is total republican party tactics. getting all licensees to use the same language, and making it sound as if their closed system is open and friendly when it’s still closed and then blaming a different closed system when that’s not even at fault.

i’m as impressed as i am furious.


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