substitute teacher


for a guy who’s taking some “time off” Jocko is too busy working and ding shit to post his usual daily link festival. so i’m going to help him out and actually blog all the shit i’ve mailed to him and the rest of my pals instead of waiting for the rest of you to blog it. why i don’t do this more, i don’t know…

the most frustrating thing about reading great books like “generation kill” was realizing that the guys on the ground knew a whole lot more about what was really going on and cared a whole lot less about politics and posturing. a culturally aware marine captain, travis pantriquin, created a powerpoint presentation explaining a simple strategy to bring peace to iraq. it is quite possibly the most sensible solution i’ve heard proposed. unfortunately it could not be put in place before capt. trav was killed by an IED this week.

now that it’s holiday time, the are 1000s of couples across the midwest showing up to parties in matching holiday outfits. you can wear whatever you like when there’s matching underwear in stylish cuts and hipster patterns to help you feel close to each other without looking like dorks.

video powers, GO!

love youtube? wish you could take your favorite videos with you on your laptop / psp / ipod / pvp? plug the url for any youtube video in here and get a nice little video to go! genius!

takashi murakami made the most amazing video ever back when his louis vuitton designs were released. sick and beautiful – it’s like lain on acid.

white power, or something like that. hilarious adaptations of rap culture: wu tang office. east coast vs west coast ventriloquism. karl also sent me something in this vain so wrong that i can’t post it, but oh how i want to.

a dog hotel is opening in SF next month. i shit you not. although it might not be such a bad thing because the nearest decent boarding facilities are like 10 miles outta town.


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