a look back, and a look ahead


yes, yes happy holidays to you all, whatever you celebrate (or choose not to). i don’t celebrate any holidays per se, but i eat a few nice meals with close friends and give out a few completely randomly timed presents. and i’m cool with that.

i hope this holiday season that everyone gets what they want (within reason, ok? not like some people for whom one billion dollars – yes billion with a B – is not enough.) and that you all get to spend some wonderful times with those closest to you.

looking back, i’d love to sit here and brag about what an awesome year 2006 was for me. i mean some seriously cool things happened. but you don’t need to hear it all over again. what i did or accomplished means something to me, but there’s no need to rub it in.

instead, it’s time to publicly declare the goals for next year. some of you were big helps with last year’s goals, maybe others can help with next year’s goals, i’m not so proud as to turn down assistance or advice. if 2006 was about improving myself, 2007 is about harnessing these improvements to live a more mature lifestyle. not mature like boring, mature like progressing beyond the same messy life i’ve led since i was 21 or so. no more living like a college bachelor, because when you live like that, that’s all you’ll ever be.

so the goals as far as i can see require me to spend some money early in the year and then reduce spending once that’s over. yes initially it is about the material impression of being mature. this is kinda like the fight club “no matter what else happens i’ve got that couch thing all taken care of theory.” so it’s time for real furniture – an actual bed with a real mattress, a nice chair to sit in and type, shelves to organize all my crap that i couldn’t get rid of because i actually need / use it. i’ve gotten rid of tons of stuff this year to de-clutter my life, but what’s left is tossed around in the most disgusting, disorganized way, so much storage is needed. i’ve got everything all picked out – well, except a mattress, since that’s about comfort instead of style. i believe i can take care of this by the end of january.

then it’s on to changes that involve better planning for the future – the fact that men in my family either die before they’re 50 or live past 80 still haunts me every day. so it’s time to find a nice doctor to help me make sure that i don’t kill myself before 50. it’s time to find someone to help me with my money, because if i don’t save for the eventuality that i may live past 50, i’ll be screwed. and it’s time to try to open myself to something more than dating, because if i’m still trying to find a date at 50, i’m not gonna be all that happy either.

i’m sure that these last 3 goals will spawn tons of other goals. maybe for 2007, maybe for beyond. but these are the things i know i need to start with. hope you’re setting big goals of your own.


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