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adult swim FTW


adult swim never fails to win my enduring adoration. just when you think they’ve come up with every good show idea ever, they throw away half the old ones and pour their energy into crazy new ones. and then you get metalocalypse, frisky dingo and saul of the mole men. you can watch tons of […]

that lines on paper are called “rules.” they’re meant to confine you, to fence you in. do you really need lines to tell you where to write? can’t you use your own good judgement? do you need an artificial margin? i have a new theory that adults who prefer ruled paper can’t make their own […]

when i was young and was eating breathing and sleeping japanese, johnny and i separately came across the same story, most likely apocryphal, of a white man coming to japan when they first began interacting with foreigners. the man did everything he could to learn about the country, its culture, its language before he got […]

this is “Mack.” he’s the host of future weapons on the discovery channel. the dude is hot. not only is he good lookin, he gets to fire just about every type of weapon imaginable… on film. not only can he shoot, he can fight too – the dude was a seal and has years of […]

Quoted: Jocko on leggings (aka tights) for men: “When are designers going to realize that men do not want to look like Little Lord Fauntleroy or even touch anything that smacks of women’s wear. We want urban commando mother fuckers, shit you can throw on and hit the jungle rolling, we want gear you can […]

canadian researchers have discovered that a totally simple, and un-patentable, drug can cause cancer cells to commit suicide. dichloroacetate is inexpensive, and it’s been proven relatively safe treating some other problems. and now these guys have figured out that it turns on the natural power plants inside cells, mitochondria, which cancer turns off. once the […]

since i know most of you, gay or not, do your best to avoid the foolish scenes that gays have a propensity for making, let me catch you up. remember when i posted about tv actors coming out and one of them was t.r. knight from grey’s anatomy? well the whole reason that dude came […]