BAAAAAAH – the gay sheep experiment


well if you haven’t read the Times or seen the news or read any blogs then i’ll forgive you for not knowing what i’m talking about. you see, it seems that one of the many researchers doing work on sexual orientation has caught the attention of the news community. A doctor at OHSU has been doing research on a correlation he has found between the size of the hypothalmus (it’s a part of the brain) in gay rams vs. straight rams. and now, because he’s at the next stage of his experiment, where in he will try to find where the causality is in this relationship, everyone is flipping outespecially my gays.

first let me say martina does not speak for all gays. there are plenty of us who are rational human beings. who see martina’s argument as the same one the christian right who she so vehemently hates uses against cloning or genetic research. this scientist is not trying to create a master race of straight people (or sheep, as it were), he is trying to see if something he notices is the cause of homosexuality. he’s trying to see if there is a BIOLOGICAL cause for our gayness, the same way there’s a biological explanation for my brown hair or the shape of my face.

most of the vocal gays (and many gay friendly straights too) have gotten worried, focusing on the “what if they find the cause of gayness, then won’t people choose to make their children straight?” aspect of this research. to which i say sortof – i’ll get to that in a minute. but what everyone seems to be neglecting is if this researcher, or some other one like him, is successful, then it will finally be proved that most of us don’t choose to be homosexual. and this could be a HUGE blow to the people who constantly castigate the gays claiming that it is some behavioral choice or moral turpitude that makes us gay.

you see, by proving that homosexuality is in fact biological and finding the biological cause, dr. roselli or whoever discovers this will effectively eliminate the religious conservatives’ most powerful anti-gay argument. this will slowly work its way into textbooks and will force eventual changes in religious doctrine. this evidence would erode the anti-gay sentiments that would have people wanting to change the sexuality of their children. would it happen immediately? no. but it would happen.

now the question is would people attempt to pre-natal choose the sexuality of their children while this climate is changing. yes, but only a small number of people would initially be able to afford this, and it’s unlikely it would be 100% effective. as the “treatment” improved and costs came down, the anti-gay environment would be waning, so fewer people would be apt to get the treatment. in addition remember that the knowledge is neutral, it could be used either way. instead of only being used to make straight children, we could make a super race of gays if we wanted…

not that we would, but i’m just saying don’t blame this scientist for doing something evil. science isn’t evil. it is just knowledge. knowledge is never a bad thing. it’s how people use that knowledge, and like most knowledge, this can swing either way.

if someone is successful at determining what causes sexuality will some parents always opt for straight kids? yes. there’s no doubt. will others deny the science behind the study and still contend it is a choice? of course, just like some people swear men and dinosaurs used to hang out together about 5000 years ago, and that god created the earth in 6 24-hour days. but will the majority of people come to their senses and start thinking “it’s not his fault he’s gay” and just accept us for what we are? it’s highly likely.

so leave the good doctor and his 18 sheep to do their thing. i, for one, hope he’s successful


One Response to “BAAAAAAH – the gay sheep experiment”

  1. 1 A.J.

    you hit the nail on the head… the thing is… that even if all this leads to somesorta parental selection process thru cloning… it’ll only be the affluent few with overstuffed wallets overpaying for such breeding. the mass population will be unable to afford or utilize cloning techniques… so the storks will still be delivering heaps of gaybies… just perhaps less richie-rich ones.

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