there’s a reason


that lines on paper are called “rules.” they’re meant to confine you, to fence you in. do you really need lines to tell you where to write? can’t you use your own good judgement? do you need an artificial margin? i have a new theory that adults who prefer ruled paper can’t make their own rules and feel a need to follow someone else’s. i prefer a blank pad.


5 Responses to “there’s a reason”

  1. 1 joeyjoseph

    ZOMG! Finally! I’ve been saying this for YEARS! I use only unruled notepads. And you know what. I go a step further and say ef being confined to these stupid US notepad sizes. It’s Japanese A5 or B all the way! Even when I was younger, whenever I took notes I never followed the ‘rules’. Not out of an ideology, but because that’s what I did. I realized after looking back through all my notebooks that the rules were always in the way of my notes. When I made the switch to unruled, it felt like i’d finally arrived to where I’d really always been. To where I’ve always heard it could be. Just a dream and the wind to carry me.

    It’s unruled all the way, to the point where I’m almost sceptical of rule-writers. Can’t trust em. I’m so glad we’re on the same page… ZING! ROFL LOLS!

  2. 2 kokernutz

    i don’t need lines, i need a system. i look at notes i took an hour prior and i have no idea what i’m talking about.

  3. 3 joeyjoseph

    Haha. A system is good. Using different layouts for different kinds of information can help, or certain kind of bullets. Some people dig that kind of stuff, and I use it sometimes, but usually I skate pass a lot of that stuff and just go straight to the visual representation. Just draw it!

  4. 4 A.J.

    actually, i prefer to know the rules that i’m breaking.
    now graph paper, there’s the real deal !

  5. 5 joeyjoseph

    I’ve spent much time in Japanese stationary stores pondering graph paper. But in the end, if I were to ever jump into the marked paper universe again, it wouldn’t be graph paper, it’d be that cool dot paper. Imagine the corner of every square of graph paper. No lines, just dots. That’s as far as I’d go. You can connect them any way you want, giving you freedom to graph any way you want, or you could use them as perspective points for drawing, etc.

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