adult swim FTW


adult swim never fails to win my enduring adoration. just when you think they’ve come up with every good show idea ever, they throw away half the old ones and pour their energy into crazy new ones. and then you get metalocalypse, frisky dingo and saul of the mole men. you can watch tons of their shows online, and what you can’t find on their site, the adult swim guys and tons of fans upload to youtube. so what could they possibly do to make me love them even more than just their cartoons? how about get accused of being terrorists!

adult swim started putting up LED lit guerilla ads of ignignot, one of the mooninites for aqua teen hungerforce, on bridges and other metal structures around major US cities. probably to advertise the upcoming aqua teen movie. today after finding a circuit board and other scraps later discovered to be left over parts from a highway crew’s job, the city of boston found some of the adult swim light up ads and totally freaked out thinking that ignignot flipping the bird was some sort of high tech terrorist plot. they shut down the bridges, closed the charles river and completely flipped out. and then, they couldn’t stop talking about how irresponsible the ads were in a “post-911 era.” frigtards.


4 Responses to “adult swim FTW”

  1. 1 Rich

    It’s easy to laugh at the Boston officials’ response, but put yourself in their shoes. At night they look cool, but in the harsh light of day they look like this:

    Adult Swim Ad

    The batteries at the bottom look like a taped-on stick of dynamite to me, and it does look like a handmade circuit board, because it probably was.

    At first glance, could it be an anarchist bomb? Absolutely. A little cartoon saying “fuck you” with his hand… that’s exactly something I would expect to find on a bomb made by a smart-ass anarchist. It’s a little Hollywood maybe, but totally believable.

    Then – most importantly – there’s the fact that they were placed on bridges and in subway stations all over the city. That was just stupid.

    It’s easy to laugh in hindsight, but I personally think the authorities in Boston handled it totally appropriately.

  2. 2 kokernutz

    I think they handled the actually 911 call appropriately, deploying a bomb squad, but the officials’ press conference and ensuing media blitz was a fucking joke. I am glad those responsible pulled the best FUCKING PUNCHLINE EVER OMFZG LOLZZZZZZZ: they refused to talk about anything but hairstyles during their post-arraignment Captain Obvious news media interviews…


    What’s also fun is there is a HUGE neon billboard over route 93 in Somerville has a GIANT NEON LIKENESS of one of the offending mooninites.

    PS: I live in Boston.

  3. 3 A.J.

    love adultswim, esp harvey birdman !!
    terrific how Boston managed to bassakwardly inflate promotion for cartoon network and their aquateenhungerforce thru such idiotic paranoia.
    an absolute perfect sitch !!

  4. 4 eric

    you know, it totally reminds me of the time when boost mobile paid to sponsor an episode of aqua teen, and they proceed to totally take the piss outta the company and all its advertising.

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