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when any motorcycle obsessed person heads to europe, you pretty much spend 50% of your time looking at bikes. which isn’t really all that different from how you spend time in the states, except that the bikes are different. some are the same bikes with different paint, some are tiny bikes that will never come […]

bad advice


“there comes a time in every young man’s life when all the parties and the one night stands, they’re not enough.” – i’m pretty sure quoting the pet shop boys has got to be one of the gayest thing i’ve ever done in a blog post. but what they say there, well it’s become true. […]



anthony bourdain, world’s coolest chef on the cast of food network: on mario battali “How I would like to see him unchained, free to make the television shows he’s capable of, the Real Mario–in all his Rabelasian brilliance. How I would love to hear the snapping bones of his cruel FN ringmasters, crunching between his […]



david sedaris in his new piece for the new yorker on people trying to guess who’s on top “One of you has to be in for murder and the other for child molesting or something like that, right?”

i am back


i’m not sure i want to tell you about this trip because, well, it will sound like i’m whining more than anything. so instead let me just say if you go to barcelona, you must eat at origen 99.9% and rovell. and have a drink at shadow lounge. and if you go to sitges and […]

so snickers runs this ad during the superbowl… and based on that alone, lots of gays were amused and lots of straights were bored. the commercial was safe enough to make everyone happy. which is fine. boring, but fine. but along with that commerical, snickers also put up a website at both and […]