gay kisses and snickers dreams


so snickers runs this ad during the superbowl…

and based on that alone, lots of gays were amused and lots of straights were bored. the commercial was safe enough to make everyone happy. which is fine. boring, but fine.

but along with that commerical, snickers also put up a website at both and which invited people to watch alternative endings and vote for their favorite (both sites have now been taken down, read on), which would then run during middle america’s other macho fest – the daytona 500. there were 3 alternatives:

in one the manly response was for the two mechanics to drink motor oil and windshield washer (or maybe radiator?) fluid. gross, but not bad. so it seemed like snickers just skipped that one because of a possible lawsuit when some kids try to out macho each other by following suit. ok.

in another, just before the dudes freak out and worry about doing something manly, a third dudes walks in and says “can i join in?” hilarious! right? this is the one they shoulda ran during the super bowl. totally funny, and totally not safe. the only thing is then all the anti-gay organizations would have boycotted mars or who ever makes snickers. but i woulda loved this to be on tv.

in the third, the guys again try to come up with something manly to do. one takes a swing at the other with a huge wrench and then the other dude bashes his head into the car hood. not cool. i’m not one to read too much into commercials but this is a little to close to condoning violent gay bashing for my taste. seriously not cool.

as if this last verison wasn’t bad enough, the website also featured a bonus section that showed nfl players’ reactions to the commercial, and they were universally negative. the players weren’t amused, they were disgusted. disgusted at the kiss, not disgusted with the ending, to be clear.

so snickers crossed the line. and the gays bring this up. they don’t threaten to boycott snickers or anything. they just say the ads and site are really fuckin insensitive and snickers needs to own up. that’s when the mainstream media finally gets involved. CNN posts a story and masterfoods, which i guess owns the snickers brand, doesn’t apologize, they say “we’re sorry you didn’t find that funny, but some people did.” and then pull everything.

here’s the problem. i think some of the commercials were bland. one was obviously funny. but then snickers crossed the line. the pipe wrench version and their promotion of the universal disgust of NFL players to the ad was just plain wrong. if snickers woulda said “oh yah, sorry. we crossed the line.” and pulled the offending material quickly that would have been the best bet. but since they crossed the line, and then tried to ignore that fact, they had to pull everything. and then blame the gays for not having a sense of humor. i am not amused. maybe i don’t have a sense of humor, eh?


4 Responses to “gay kisses and snickers dreams”

  1. 1 Brian

    Very well stated! After writing to Snickers twice and receiving unacceptable responses, I have decided to boycott all of Materfoods USA products. This was easily avoidable, but when Snickers responds to my email explaining how offended I am with “But most people thought it was funny” and “it ranked #9 for best commercials!”, then they made the decision for me. They have the right to advertise as they choose, and I have the right to ensure my family and friends do not contribute a single penny to their business.

  2. 2 Zebra

    I think it’s a funny ad. And I don’t think it has anything to do with gays, it’s just a “life moment” where two people do something without thinking about what might happen!

  3. 3 Asshole

    no way. i don’t think there’s any rational argument about how that snickers was promoting homophobia…people are too sensitive

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