bad advice


“there comes a time in every young man’s life when all the parties and the one night stands, they’re not enough.” – i’m pretty sure quoting the pet shop boys has got to be one of the gayest thing i’ve ever done in a blog post. but what they say there, well it’s become true. granted i was never the circuit queen that some guys are, but i was never prone to relationships either. but for the past few years, i’ve been feelin the itch – the itch i guess most dudes straight or gay feel in their late 20s or early 30s (i was always a late bloomer) – to find a healthy relationship.

since i was never relationship prone, i didn’t have much experience on this front, so i took other people’s suggestions. which started simply with alot of dating (duh) and then moved into the territory of sappy hallmark cards – let love find you type of bullshit. i don’t know why, i guess because i had so little experience and was open to suggestion, but i followed this bullshit for a long time. and you know where it got me? nowhere!

here is my theory, not born out of success, but out of failure: successfully finding mr. (or ms.) right is just like everything else, you have to work at it. this shit just does not magically happen to most people. and those people who it does magically happen to usually wind up breaking up a few years later. you gotta be willing to put some effort in. find new places to look. be aggressive with people who show strong potential. in short, this is no more a spectator sport than anything else about a life well lived.

and so this year i have resolved to step up my game. ok, i’m starting rather timidly because, well, old habits die hard and more important i don’t want to jeopardize the friendship of a certain candidate. but even with him, i’ve been getting bolder. quite simply put, i don’t wait around for anything else in my life to happen to me. i work to make it happen. why should this be any different right?

stop whining and starting doing something people.


One Response to “bad advice”

  1. 1 carlo

    Well, you can always quote Bronski Beat later to one-up yourself.

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