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oh this is even better – a sorta music video with the ultimate kicking the crap out of phil collins while collins is wearing some adult baby costume. starring gilbert goddfried as the mastermind behind this whole thing. courtesy of the warped mind of jocko. who loves ya baby? Advertisements

ahhhh dweebs


this post has almost fallen off the front page of its creator, and before it does, i would like to pay honor and respect to greg of airbag industries for succinctly summarizing what all net nerds know to be true in their hearts.

i give up


khoi vin‘s dog has a website and twitter stream and both are better looking and more interesting than mine

we, the nerd collective, went to go see 300 tonight. i will not discuss whether or not it is an allegory for the current war in iraq. it was a friggin comic book people. the movie looked like a comic because just like sin city, it was captured from the book pretty much frame by […]

what happens when the wrong person is seen wearing your logo: paris is apperently trying to reinvent herself as gwen stefani from 10 years ago. at least christina aguilera is only trying to re-invent herself as gwen from 3 years. so for her b-boy streetwear phase, paris gets some promo shots taken wearin a modded […]

oh, it’s on


jesse, and now kokernutz have accepted the challenge. the ultimate warrior challenge is on. on the ides of march prepare to meet your maker, mortal. as the fury of at least 4 warriors is unleashed from the stars and the earth shall darken with our light…. or something like that.

i took a walk down to blue bottle yesterday to take in the amazing weather and on my way i stopped into huf. i can’t help myself. i don’t buy shoes every time i go in, but i can’t go by without checkin out what’s new. i walk in and something is blasting over the […]