not just shoe culture


i took a walk down to blue bottle yesterday to take in the amazing weather and on my way i stopped into huf. i can’t help myself. i don’t buy shoes every time i go in, but i can’t go by without checkin out what’s new.

i walk in and something is blasting over the speakers and it’s not hip-hop, which shocks me. then i realize that everyone in the store is crowded around the PC / register laughing their asses off. what they’re watching and what’s playing over the speakers is this:

and so begins re-indoctrination into the steroid-fueled mess that was the ultimate warrior. and it is one hi-friggin-larious ride. innit?

so i share it with jesse and jocko and what do they say? how much would they have to pay me to see a video of me imitating the warrior? and instead of naming some large, but reasonable sum, i get an idea. why not include these boys in our very own vlog deathmatch? sure we’re not famous and beautiful bloggers, but who cares?

so jim, jess, i’m callin you out. let’s have our own deathmatch. say, 30 seconds of the best ultimate warrior imitation? nonsensical rambling and gratuitous flexing mandatory, hair and costume optional? should we invite anyone else? i’m thinkin little nicky might like to join in the fun. anyone else out there want to join in? or maybe you have a recommendation?


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