oh, it’s on


jesse, and now kokernutz have accepted the challenge. the ultimate warrior challenge is on. on the ides of march prepare to meet your maker, mortal. as the fury of at least 4 warriors is unleashed from the stars and the earth shall darken with our light…. or something like that.


3 Responses to “oh, it’s on”

  1. can we still be friends if i reconsider?

  2. 2 eric

    well, i guess.

    it seems everyone has reconsidered but me. i guess i don’t have quite the embarrassment filter that all my pals do.

  3. 3 jesse

    I was on board from the beginning (as I suppose I must have been, as it was my recommendation that we buy an impression out of Eric), though I certainly have slacked off until the last possible minute. Where on earth I would find face paint and some properly berzerk ramblings before midnight tonight I will never know.If our little lunaticapalooza does get rebirthed with a larger participant pool, then I can only imagine how we will ‘suffer’ the embarrassment. If one thing’s for sure, at least we can show these silly women how to host a proper video deathmatch.

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