the problem with logo wear


what happens when the wrong person is seen wearing your logo:

paris is apperently trying to reinvent herself as gwen stefani from 10 years ago. at least christina aguilera is only trying to re-invent herself as gwen from 3 years. so for her b-boy streetwear phase, paris gets some promo shots taken wearin a modded xLarge shirt. hypebeast, who are basically the kings of streetwear tastemakers online, don’t like it much.
and so paris has basically killed the brand for the streetwear scene (at least for this season). but now thousands of midwesterners who worship her despite (or for) her vapid skankiness will be trying to find xlarge (or xgirl) clothes at their local hot topics. does urban outfitters still sell XL?


One Response to “the problem with logo wear”

  1. 1 brankaNDfan

    ok. this bitch is now going to die.

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