a tale of two bodies


we, the nerd collective, went to go see 300 tonight. i will not discuss whether or not it is an allegory for the current war in iraq. it was a friggin comic book people. the movie looked like a comic because just like sin city, it was captured from the book pretty much frame by frame. and i loved that, more than i loved sin city, even.

no, i wasn’t interested in politics or photography. what i was more interested in was the bodies. big surprise, right? we went to see 300 on the imax, no point in seeing it any smaller than massive right? this meant that we still had to wait in an hour long line for good seats despite the fact the movie’s been out for a week already. waiting in line we got to see everyone else waiting. i noticed a few big boys in the crowd. dudes who looked like they worked out a little too much and didn’t do much else. not juicers, but the types who are still pretty damn big, have the big arms, and have that i lift too look good and take some creatine to help me along look. i was feelin puny. i been feelin puny lately cuz i’m not goin to the gun show if you know what i mean.

and then the movie starts. and there’s all these dudes on the screen, larger than life. dudes who we all know worked out like crazy. and yes they have 6 packs and big shoulders and meaty chests. but they aren’t narrow waisted pretty boys. (well except for the full body wax jobs.) they have thick strong core muscles that make them look heavy when they sit down. they have arms that are smaller than their legs, and what good strong legs they have. in short they have the body i’m close to. and they were worshipped on the screen.

and so i wonder. can i find a happy medium between the athletic body i’m using (and rather enjoying now that i’m really getting there, might i add) and the big armed show off everyone looks at? i’m hoping so. another round of the endurance plan, which i haven’t touched in 2 years could prove to be interesting, so i’m thinking of trying it again. i think i’ve re-worked it in my head so that i can use what i’ve learned and the gains i’ve made from the 5×5 delunatic and i finish up next week. that routine has been amazing, but is now getting old. uhhhh, routine even. quite honestly lifting just to keep lifting heavier isn’t really all that engaging. but with the endurance plan you make strength and conditioning gains. which is way more rewarding on the mats. and getting back to the mats is really what it’s all about. there’s not much time or energy for that during the 5x5s.

leave it to me to turn a perfectly entertaining movie into a discussion about body image, its portrayal in popular media and workouts. friggin killjoy.


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