blogging more than you think


wondering why i haven’t been updating this blog? well it’s because i’ve pretty much switched from this blog to twitter. twitter is like bite-sized blogging. posts are limited to 140 characters each, but you can post them from anywhere – the web, your cellphone using sms, your IM account, or the most awesome application on earth: twitterific. it’s perfect for ADD types like me because we don’t have to concentrate too hard on writing a cohesive long post, and we can say that thing we want to say immediately, without having to wait until we get back to a computer, by which time it’s long forgotten.

i’m sorry that by micro-blogging there, i’m forcing you to go to a second site to keep up with me, so i’m working on a solution to integrate my twitter posts and blog posts into a single page. yes, i do plan on blogging here still. sometimes i have things to say that require more than two sentence to express.


4 Responses to “blogging more than you think”

  1. 1 carlo

    hmm, looks like googling “twitter wordpress” turns up plenty of stuff that will put your twitters in a sidebar, or ping twitter when you post on the blog. not sure exactly what you’re looking for, but it might be interesting to get twitters to show up as posts. though in some way it seems self-defeating or something to replicate stuff. if that makes no sense, blame the allergy medicine.

  2. 2 eric

    i can get my twitter posts into my wordpress sidebar pretty easy. what i can’t seem to do is get them into my main feed, which i’d love.

  3. 3 carlo

    right, that’s what I thought. must be a way to take the RSS feed and do it, given how many splogs steal content that way 🙂

  4. 4 carlo

    here’s a plugin that says it will do it for a wordpress blog –

    But you can’t install plug-ins on sites can you?

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