body image and the media


ok. i admit it, i can be a pig-headed chauvinist sometimes. i don’t think women are inferior or that calling chicks cunts is funny. i just don’t have any easy time understanding why terms or ideas that don’t offend me are offensive, or one might substitute the word difficult for offensive. but lately i’ve been understanding a little bit more about women and the the body image issues they experience from mass media.

Unlike the role models who drive women crazy, the cause of my issues is not male models or hollywood stars. they may be in great shape, but it’s a level of fitness and body type that is easily in my grasp (except for some waif skinny male models who i have no desire to look like anyhow). no my body image issues stems from the big boys. WWE wrestlers and gay porn stars who have been perfectly willing to make their bodies a living chemistry experiment in a quest for a show of size.

now normally i can be rational about this. i see some dude who’s had some chemical help and i know alot of times i may not look it but i’m just as strong as he is. i can tell myself that i haven’t risked my long term health for stupid short term gains. but then two things make me reconsider –

  1. the animal attraction. dudes who are big and buff, not just buff, are attractive to most guys (and women) on a purely animal level. and for a guy who doesn’t have much luck in this field, it doesn’t sound so bad. the show off physique goes a long way here, even though i’d personally prefer matt hughes over john cena, my tastes are pretty unique.
  2. the mutant olympics. if by some miracle, you haven’t heard my diatribe about this, i believe that since the olympics have become big money entertainment (like uhhh pro sports) that there should be a second set of games (well actually a third, there’s the para-lympics too) for people who are using performance enhancing drugs, or hell, even performance enhancing surgery for all i care. go all out. rip off a useless limb if you’re will to do that. replace your “intelligent design” feet with ones actually designed by intelligent people. do whatever it takes to set records. my only rule would be have a minimum age. people under 23 wouldn’t be able to compete, and will have had to compete in the regular olympics previously, so that they would have to wait til they’re free-thinking adults before choosing to possibly destroy themselves.

and so, while i don’t want to destroy myself with steroids, the same way i hope women don’t destroy themselves with anorexia or bulimia, there are plenty of other options for dudes having completely irrational body crises. and older i get, the more i investigate them, i am embarrassed to admit.

i have been trying to do as much as i can naturally, and i feel like i’ve been making headway over the course of the past few years. that’s a good start for a dude who still sees himself as an awkward 15 year old like me. but good is never good enough. i keep doing things in hopes of meeting goals. but then of course as i come close to meeting some goal, i set one further away. will patience take me all the way to something i like at the end? i don’t know if i’m willing to wait to find out. i try to. boy do i try not to think about all the shortcuts. but damn sometimes a shortcut sounds awfully nice.


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  1. 1 Strut

    Found u link via Jockohomo… feelin u on this post. I think I found a new blog to stalk =)

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