sho nuff, shoney


shoney, shoney we practiced this all day shoney. and look what happened. george st. pierre slips, matt serra sees his chance. 3 hard rights and a left later he’s on top pounding the back of gsp’s head into the mat and what do you know. the nicest guy in the ufc is now welterweight champion. good goin matt!

and thank you josh koscheck, for working on your strikes and using them to control diego. it’s so nice to see that guy lose. i know tomorrow diego’s gonna be all “i didn’t really lose, he barely hurt me, and i coulda taken him.” but you know diego? you didn’t. you didn’t try a single take down. you didn’t try to change your game the entire three rounds. you played a game of attrition thinking josh would slip up. but he didn’t. and many mma fans out there have breathed a collective sigh of relief. maybe now that gsp is a top contender again you’ll fight him next, and lose a second time.

and to kendall grove, thank you for teaching us what a darce choke was, i never would have known about it if it wasn’t for you.

all in all, a night of satisfying victories.


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