swiss army knife


i’ve got 100 things to say and i don’t feel like writing a post for each of ’em, so if you don’t like what i’m talkin about, just skip to the next paragraph.

i was sick last week and went into a bit of a tv coma when i couldn’t do anything else. i packed about 3 months worth of bravo reality tv shows into 24 hours and found myself hopelessly addicted to workout. and then hopeless in love with brian (aka peeler). a southern drawl, a little temper, a sensitive side, great athletic body, and a shaved head. i think i’ve found my new tv boyfriend. (and once again, he’s straight. GEEZ.)

speaking of athletic bodies, i think i got over whatever stupidity that was last week about me and the steroid look. i’m back to being really happy with what i’m doing workout wise. a weekend of good talks and good reading about muscle for purpose versus muscle for show really helped. the weirdest thing – i’ve put on about 6 or 7 pounds and everyone tells me i look smaller. people are asking if i lost weight. i guess that’s good news (density = power) but geez *a little* size wouldn’t hurt. isn’t there a nice compromise hiding somewhere. mikey and i checked our body fat on one of those crazy scales that zaps you. i was pretty happy with my results – just wanna drop a couple more percent (literally like 2-3, that’s it.)

solebox AF1

enough about workouts and bodies, are these not the hottest kicks ever? i’m hoping solebox will sell them online. the plain uppers and that bright midsole remind me of my i heart new york superstars. only it’s suede and orange. that is just so suave.

the 25 hottest pictures of cars from last year as judged by winding road. most are available as wallpapers for widescreen displays. it’s like porn without people.

roseanne barr has been on real time with bill maher alot recently, and honestly she’s impressed me. in fact, bill has a number of guests on who i normally wouldn’t respect but wind up impressing the hell out me. like ben affleck. seriously. judging by his acting, i thought he was a dope, but it turns out he’s pretty smart. anyhows it turns out roseanne is pretty smart too. she really understands how political action affects (or doesn’t) the average american worker, and even though i’m not in the same income bracket, i can still relate and appreciate her efforts. so today roseanne calls out the gays, not all gays, the politically active gays and says they only care about themselves and gay issues. and you know what? i totally agree. in fact, jocko and i were just talking about this yesterday. gay issues are important to me, and yes i care about instances where it seems our rights are being revoked. but GEEZ, i care alot more about our economy, our international relations, our soldiers, our environment than i do about getting married. and i know the gays i know feel the same way. and surprise, none of us are active in gay politics.

phew. one final thought. i think a country’s pop music says alot about the spirit of that country. thai music is sweet and sappy. brazilian music is silly with a pounding rhythm. what is american pop?


3 Responses to “swiss army knife”

  1. 1 Jocko

    I’m sorry the word GAY didn’t show up in my Google News Feed so I cannot write or comment on the above statements.

  2. 2 eric

    ha. stupid me for forgetting to tag this post “gay.”

  3. 3 A.J.

    those are def groofy feets… kinda like those white hi-top Fila’s with flou-orange soles from 5-orso years back.
    i’ve started sporting nike again for the first time in fifteen years… they’ve been showing good stuff.
    (missing the bold swaths)

    workout for health, that’s the wealth.

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