it’s you, dear god


the third annual battlecry rally took place in SF. If you haven’t heard, battlecry is this christian youth movement created by this guy who wants to raise “soldiers for god” to fight against the gays, the jews, the media and all the big money industries that set the trends (hollywood, silicon valley, etc.) i’ve known about these guys for a while, every gay worth his weight in salt (yes, i used that metaphor intentionally. it’s double entendre riffic!) does. but then niall sent me this rolling stone article about them and i started to get scared. i know that people, me included, toss around references to nazis a bit too often these days. so pardon me. but this battlecry organization is just a little too much like the nazi youth movement. get a bunch of young, impressionable suburban teens together. tell them that the gays, the jews, the money making industries are the cause of all their woes. offer a way out. and as the movement gains momentum, use these kids as literal soldiers. first get them to gather data. then get them to fight a war.

are they raising an army to go fight in the mid-east assuming we keep up our invasion, or is this for a war at home. either way i’m a bit freaked out. and now more than ever i want to raise an army of my own.


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