unsolicited product endorsements


i know, first kicks, now this stuff. you’d think i should just re-activate bold swaths. in fact, i’m going to double post today’s stuff there and we’ll see how it goes. so watch that site for new goodness. if BS can’t be revived, i’m going to import those posts here so they can live on. anyhow…

i have decided to grow my hair out. after almost 20 years of shaving my head, i decided it couldn’t hurt to try if i had a goal in mind. all previous attempts at growing my hair failed because i didn’t have a goal set to reach, and so i was never that concerned about doing it right or not getting it cut. but now i have a goal. i want to look like hugh jackman did when he played wolverine. seriously. i know it’s crazy and it might not work, but i’m gonna put some serious effort into it.

so in order to do it right, i went shopping for some shampoo. hair ain’t gonna stay healthy when you wash it with the cheap stuff. so i checked out details for men and a bunch of other sites and every was talking about john allen stuff, but when i went to buy shampoo the place didn’t have any. so i looked at all the choices and what do you know but baxter, one of my favorites companies has a shampoo for men. the bottle says it has all these twigs and herbs in it to make your hair strong and keep it from falling out, and i have to say, it does what it says. every time i’ve tried growing my hair out before, i get a bunch of hairs in my hand every time i shower. not so, after i started using this stuff. now if only someone could recommend a conditioner to keep my hair healthy. dudes, my hair is brittle like straw. i use some shit from giovanni that at least keeps it soft.

on less frou frou note, jesse and i were in flight 001 the other day and happened upon a new brand of bags and stuff called property of… we were so struck by their stuff that jesse got a bag from them (the p.t. cycle) and i got a wallet (the cj). property of uses just the right combo of materials – a little leather for class, a little synthetic canvas for durability and clasps that do just the right job. the cj uses an elastic band to keep it closed. everything is simple, well shaped, and has just enough flourish that it won’t be mistaken for some generic shit. i wish there was a place nearby that carried everything they make, because some of it looks even hotter than the shit flight 001 had.


2 Responses to “unsolicited product endorsements”

  1. srsly, if you do, don’t wash your hair every day. ask any good hair care specialist who isn’t hawking a product.

  2. 2 A.J.

    avoid shampoo period, your scalp will take care of itself. hot water will remove most of the oil. once in awhile resort to a scalp tonic (i love shiseido Zephyr, tho Vitalis with a portugal scent is a cheaper option) or just use soap only if you somehow got your hair dirty or screwed it with product… which if you’re turning wolverine i suppose wax is in your future, tho you might consider using classic sugar. i stopped shampooing in the 80’s when i sported buffalo dreads, and haven’t shampooed since. shampoo is a scam… your scalp knows what it’s doing.

    as for the elastic wallet, i had a nifty helmut lang elastic’d wallet, and the elastic lasted about one year… hope you fare better with yours.

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