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You see it on talk shows or even in the movies all the time. Some woman is in some horrid abusive relationship and she does nothing about it. every time the dude beats her down or insults her or locks her in the basement she just cries. then when the dude is slightly more relaxed […]

et voila


if everything looks different and this site took you by surprise, then you got here because now is on tumblr instead of on wordpress. if everything looks the same to you, it’s because you’re using to read my shit, which is a bad idea considering how often i change my mind. i always […]

hello, friends. you may see this page / feed change to THIS in the near future. it’s called a tumblog and i really like the way it works. it’s a short format blog thingy that has special formatting for different things like text, links, im snippets, pictures and videos. my use of twitter has taught […]



veronica: I once danced with a boy who was wearing overalls with no shirt. He smelled awful. The end.