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with more and more interesting people joining twitter every day, i’d like to remind everyone, or teach the new people, that twitter is not a desktop application. it is multi-modal. not only can you send your tweets from the web and desktop applications, but also by text and from mobile browsers. this means you can […]

the age old cycle of release product, add features, release next version of product has gotten out of control. so many products and software now have such an overwhelming number of features that most people can’t figure them out. Apple has been guilty of this, but they are also one of the few brave companies […]

So last night Logo (a gay channel co-owned by MTV and HBO, i believe) and HRC (a gay rights lobby organization) hosted what they called the visible vote, and what everyone else is calling the gay debate. They invited every candidate, democrat or republican, to come answer questions on gay issues. I was using twitter […]