Visible Vote Notes


So last night Logo (a gay channel co-owned by MTV and HBO, i believe) and HRC (a gay rights lobby organization) hosted what they called the visible vote, and what everyone else is calling the gay debate. They invited every candidate, democrat or republican, to come answer questions on gay issues.

I was using twitter to blog it so that my posts would go out to as many people as possible while it happened, but that left an awful mess on my blog. so i just went back and deleted all the one sentence posts from my blog and have re-built them here in proper chronological order and with a little more commentary. I’ve also moved this to my proper wordress blog so people can comment on it if they want.

The order the candidates appeared on the show was the order in which they agreed to participate. No surprise, no republicans chose to come. interesting to note that Barack is first and Hillary is last.

Barack obama just called himself a hopemonger. Awesome! Barack gets it. He’s fair on gay issues without pandering to gay hangups. I like that Barack keeps stressing that while gays have problems, so do minorities, and there are bigger problems as well. He’s a realist, but he also believes that we can move forward.

John Edwards won’t answer questions about rights provided by civil union, turned it into something on universal health care. Sneaky. I’m not falling for it. But Edwards says it’s sad that gays aren’t accepted in society. Edwards also just said we should let gay couples adopt and discuss gay parents in schools. Color me shocked. I didnt expect this out of Edwards. So Edwards is for civil unions, same as Barack. Full rights but not the word marriage. Ok.

Kucinich comes right out and uses the word marriage. He is just too lovey. He’d make a great spiritual leader, but not necessarily a great president. But the gay audience is totally in love with his message. Ah. Words like compassion, mindful… Dennis is a Buddhist.

Mike gravel taking the gays to task. He wants some respect, I don’t blame him. “We need more love, there’s only love and fear.” Gravel and Obama impress me with their emphasis on personal responsibility. Gravel agrees with Kucinich – marriage not civil unions. Says in 5 years the words gay marriage will not be an issue.

Bill Richardson owns up to his mistakes. And then Richardson blows it again. If the New Mexico state leg hands you a gay marriage bill would sign it? …pause… And then answers “I want to do what’s achievable” and then says homosexuality is a choice. Buh bye.

Why won’t any candidate just say “you know what, the words gay marriage still scare too many Americans” Hillary really stressing how much we’ve lost over the past 7 years. And not just gays.<

So everyone who agreed to come believe in conferring federal rights to couples. Most want to use the word civil union, reserving the term marriage for religious authorities to confer on couples however they decide. All the candidates are against don’t ask don’t tell, too. And want to do everything possible to repeal it. Obama was strongest about this, but everyone was vocal and adamant.

Hillary and Edwards are clearly the seasoned politicians of the bunch, shifting questions so that they don’t have to answer negatively outright. and poor poor Bill Richardson. he kept saying “don’t look at my words, look at my actions.” good thing cuz he still kept saying the wrong shit. No offense Bill, but if you’re going to lead my country, you better prove you’re as good with your words. I don’t want you saying something you didn’t mean that gets us into a war buddy. forget it.

Barack and Mike Gravel were really the stand out candidates of the evening for me. 


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