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i finished the game recently and all i can say is if you haven’t read it, go do so. now! but that’s another story. the story here is that i went to pick up another book to read because without tv, books are excellent solace. i haven’t read a work of fiction in years, and […]

i found some amazingly perfect designs to etch on the lid of my powerbook. there exists a book of absolutely perfect japanese tattoo flash by a famous artist called horicho. it is an old book, with beautiful, intricate, black and white drawings. the book is very rare, and modern prints are running about $200. but […]

i’m still not done with the book, but people are already coming here based on searches for names of soldiers in the book, so i took about 10 minutes looking through some search results and found the following interesting things. evan wright, “fruity” rudy reyes and michael saucier were on a cspan panel together. there’s […]

in snow crash, neal stephenson dreamt up the ng securities semi-autonomous guard unit. it was a cybernetically enhanced dog rat thing that was somehow nuclear powered and had these titanium cooling fins that air would have to pass over in order to cool the dog rat. of course in order to make air pass over […]

sexy, smart, badass marine sniper anthony swofford wrote one of the best accounts of participating in modern US warfare. if you haven’t read jarhead yet, you should do so right now. if you’re too lazy to read, there’s an unabridged audio version too. now take this amazing book, let swofford help adapt it into a […]

the Bible


johnny had a friend in high school called andy. i only met the guy once but i heard many tales of him. one thing that sticks in my head is that this andy kid called brave new world the bible. certainly, it was a great allegory, especially for smart straight edge kids. much like i […]

may wrote that she was highly annoyed at the number of times that apple products were mentioned by brand name in pattern recognition. but in part, that’s the point. everything is referred to by a brand name. there word prada must appear in the book 40 times as well, or buzz rickson- the obscure manufacturer […]