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i know, first kicks, now this stuff. you’d think i should just re-activate bold swaths. in fact, i’m going to double post today’s stuff there and we’ll see how it goes. so watch that site for new goodness. if BS can’t be revived, i’m going to import those posts here so they can live on. […]

what happens when the wrong person is seen wearing your logo: paris is apperently trying to reinvent herself as gwen stefani from 10 years ago. at least christina aguilera is only trying to re-invent herself as gwen from 3 years. so for her b-boy streetwear phase, paris gets some promo shots taken wearin a modded […]



i have so much good news! as of tomorrow you will be able to subscribe to this american life as a free podcast. no more stupid streaming flash audio or paying 2 bucks or more per episode from audible. also as of tomorrow, all back episodes will be available from itunes for 99 cents. go […]

for my birthday this year, i’m giving YOU a present. you may have noticed that the past few months this site has been devoid of any posts about clothes, bags, wallets, shaving creams and the like. that’s because i’ve been saving those posts up, using them to secretly stock my new project. i did pretty […]

here we go yo


at wordcamp on saturday, jason from preshrunk started talking to me about laptop bags and the next thing you know i was giving like a 30 minute dissertation to him and few others on the perfect bag for x or y. so since we were at a confab about blogging, everyone was like “why don’t […]



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there is nothing more i can do. years of kicking, cycling, and now months of squats have toned my ass into a significantly less flabby version of its former self, but it’s not getting any smaller. now, as a gay man, that should not be a problem. most homos dream of having a nice round […]