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veronica: I once danced with a boy who was wearing overalls with no shirt. He smelled awful. The end. Advertisements

what happens when the wrong person is seen wearing your logo: paris is apperently trying to reinvent herself as gwen stefani from 10 years ago. at least christina aguilera is only trying to re-invent herself as gwen from 3 years. so for her b-boy streetwear phase, paris gets some promo shots taken wearin a modded […]



my roomie drew, self explanatory “fuck you tyra. stop throwing cell phones at your maids.”

bad advice


“there comes a time in every young man’s life when all the parties and the one night stands, they’re not enough.” – i’m pretty sure quoting the pet shop boys has got to be one of the gayest thing i’ve ever done in a blog post. but what they say there, well it’s become true. […]

when i was young and was eating breathing and sleeping japanese, johnny and i separately came across the same story, most likely apocryphal, of a white man coming to japan when they first began interacting with foreigners. the man did everything he could to learn about the country, its culture, its language before he got […]

while waiting around, riding the bus, and during various other boring things this weekend, i played alot of loco roco. there’s something so amusing, so joyful about rolling a little blob around – about a game that only requires 2 buttons to control it. loco roco is a big game, but it is not a […]

tonight bobby talked me into going to the buddhist meditation with the dharma punks. now those of you who know me know i am not the type to sit still and meditate. i’m no matt raimi, but i generally gotta keep moving. so i wasn’t too sure i was up for the challenge. but bobby […]