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shoney, shoney we practiced this all day shoney. and look what happened. george st. pierre slips, matt serra sees his chance. 3 hard rights and a left later he’s on top pounding the back of gsp’s head into the mat and what do you know. the nicest guy in the ufc is now welterweight champion. […]

we, the nerd collective, went to go see 300 tonight. i will not discuss whether or not it is an allegory for the current war in iraq. it was a friggin comic book people. the movie looked like a comic because just like sin city, it was captured from the book pretty much frame by […]

it’s about time. i admit i missed last month’s UFC fights, but after the total washout that was the previous few cards, ufc 64 redeemed the league, and also shamed it. ok, maybe not shamed it. but damn if anderson silva, who i think everyone will agree is a pride fighter and really represents what […]

just imagine it. it’s friday night and every parent and kid in every town has pretty much one thing on their mind – the big game. only instead of the big game, it’s the big fights. just like how saturday is the big day for college and pro sports in the US, it is the […]

that’s it. even though i am so totally booked up this weekend i’m taking some time to organize my shit. my life is too cluttered. my brain is too cluttered. my house is too cluttered. if you want free shit, call me up or stop by. i’m keeping the stuff i use and need but […]

all hail the little guys. the ufc started off the main event with lightweights! holy cow. since there hasn’t been a lightweight division in ages, none of the fighters have really built a following, and the audience was seriously booing about 20 seconds into the fight, even though the fight wasn’t even on the ground. […]

although they no longer appear to be winning the political war, the evangelical christian conservates appear to be winning the cultural one. Politically, i love the hyper conservative freaks like anne coulter, fred phelps, the governor of south carolina, and guy adams. They’re complete absurdity is alienating even conservatives and starting to wake up most […]