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is you do not remake fight club. but if you did remake fight club, you might as well remake it into a bollywood love story complete with all the typical musical numbers, costume changes and guys wearing overalls without shirts. it’s like the wardrobe in all bollywood films are based on some stray 1991 international […]

well everyone’s weighing in on brokeback mountain. i still haven’t seen it yet, so i’m not going to judge the actual movie here. i’m still hoping it’s a good flick. however carlo and i were talking about it and even though carlo’s straight, he was much more hopeful about what it signals than i. carlo […]

movies are so expensive now that i don’t walk out anymore. even if they totally suck. which is a shame, because not only did i waste $10, but i also wasted 2 hours on domino. tony scott’s masterful cinematography could not save what was otherwise i shoddily written, barely interesting story. it was awful. save […]

no, mr. bond


daniel craig, known to you either as the hot naked guy from the first tomb raider movie (damn table!), or the nameless lead of layer cake will be the next james bond, in the gadget-less prequel casino royale. if you haven’t seen layer cake, it is a MUST SEE, the writer of all of guy […]

apple announced their video initiative today. let’s just say i’m not such a raving apple fan boy that i’m gonna run right out and buy any of the things they announced. in fact, i’m rather disappointed. with frontrow and the included remote, you can get at your photos, videos, music and whatnot from the luxury […]

no one knows who the next james bond will be (though clive owen’s name keeps coming up again and again every time. i’ve also heard goran visnjik (from e.r.) was high up on the list), but what we do know is that he’ll be gadget-less. no Q. no gadgets. just good oldfashioned ingenuity and a […]

don’t get me wrong. i work out with guys on the sf police force, and i totally empathize with their situation. some asshole(s) pelt our officers, not dressed in riot gear, with rocks and they get tear gas shot at them. maybe even tackled, restrained, unfortunately beaten (most likely). sure, i totally understand that. if […]