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anthony bourdain, world’s coolest chef on the cast of food network: on mario battali “How I would like to see him unchained, free to make the television shows he’s capable of, the Real Mario–in all his Rabelasian brilliance. How I would love to hear the snapping bones of his cruel FN ringmasters, crunching between his […]

i used to always wax poetic about how i loved pesto because it’s the worlds best flavor and there’s nothing that pesto can’t make better – except for breakfast related carbs: cereal, waffles, pancakes, etc. but then i realized there was something better. a food that can make anything taste better – pine nuts. ohhhh […]

yesterday i discovered that this weekend was the nihonmachi fair in japantown. i got all excited. i love the street fairs in japantown. awesome food and tons to look at. so after running some errands downtown today, i hopped on the geary and made my way to j town. when i got there, it looked […]

the best commercial for the worst coffee. wake up you sleepy head, you can sleep when you (clap clap) dead. thanks boing boing.

bartenders of the US, please take note. even after a few drinks i am not stupid. if i walk into your bar sober i am definitely not stupid. if i ask for a bourbon and ginger ale, and you don’t have ginger ale, tell me. ask me if i want something else. do not try […]

it’s been a while since i ran one of these, so there’s alot of catching up to do. on my flight to barcelona a couple months ago, there was a container of dannon la creme vanilla yougurt packed in our breakfast. this is the best tasting tasting, richest yougurt ever. the french are well known […]