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You see it on talk shows or even in the movies all the time. Some woman is in some horrid abusive relationship and she does nothing about it. every time the dude beats her down or insults her or locks her in the basement she just cries. then when the dude is slightly more relaxed […]

when any motorcycle obsessed person heads to europe, you pretty much spend 50% of your time looking at bikes. which isn’t really all that different from how you spend time in the states, except that the bikes are different. some are the same bikes with different paint, some are tiny bikes that will never come […]

this is the R8. this is not a concept car. audi is actually selling this race inspired quattro beautiful monster. everything about it says GO FAST. NOW. don’t worry, i’ll get you there. fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. this, me, open freeway (ohhh autostrada) – then i can die.

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this weekend was mighty busy. i spent alot of time shuffling from one thing to another, and thanks to the closure of the bay bridge, the shuffling took much longer than normal. much motorcycle stuff, and a little bit of a work out epiphany is selfish news, but it’s better than listening to me whine. […]

the red wings turn black as honda moves from motor-powered two wheel vehicles to human powered ones. a friend of diego’s caught a picture of this beast at the norba nationals in deer valley, utah. check out the drivetrain. it appears honda has adapted some sort of CVT type thing to a lightweight bicycle. some […]

damn you apple. in january apple announced the 15″ macbook pro, the replacement for my powerbook, just over a month after i had ordered my powerbook. for the next few months, i was content with my powerbook. i didn’t feel the need to upgrade at all, despite the move to a fancy new processor and […]

you got an F


actually, they get an A. vw has done it again. since the last cabriolet commercial (like 2 years ago) vw’s advertising has fallen somewhere between boring and “they have commercials?” for some reason they decided to ditch their youthful appeal and try to focus on an older market segment, both in their advertising and their […]