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have you seen the cormorant? not only is it named for like the coolest named fishing bird ever, but it is one seriously badass piece of kit. it’s a submarine launched aerial drone – so it swims and flys! and carries a light payload (who cares). but who gives a crap what it does, how […]



some days, all the coffee in the world is not enough. with a more than sufficient 7 hours of sleep, i cannot manage to stay alert this afternoon. maybe it’s because i’m doing something that i’m really digging, but still very bad at and the extra concentration is knockin me down. i need to get […]

i had this problem. about a year ago i got this camera for work. at the time this was supposed to be one helluva camera. it had lots of doohickeys and settings and features. but every time i needed to take good pictures at a trade show or pretty much any time at all, the […]



kudos to dodge. they might actually launch the car that ford wouldn’t. i think it was jay mays who designed the ford forty two, a badass modern looking ode to the musclecars of the early 70s. sadly, ford never brought the forty two to life. but now, as companies have been referencing their classic designs […]