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the age old cycle of release product, add features, release next version of product has gotten out of control. so many products and software now have such an overwhelming number of features that most people can’t figure them out. Apple has been guilty of this, but they are also one of the few brave companies […]

i know, first kicks, now this stuff. you’d think i should just re-activate bold swaths. in fact, i’m going to double post today’s stuff there and we’ll see how it goes. so watch that site for new goodness. if BS can’t be revived, i’m going to import those posts here so they can live on. […]

this is the R8. this is not a concept car. audi is actually selling this race inspired quattro beautiful monster. everything about it says GO FAST. NOW. don’t worry, i’ll get you there. fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. this, me, open freeway (ohhh autostrada) – then i can die.



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nike is my best friend when it comes to my never ending dream of becoming an unstoppable mutant cyborg athlete. first, they fused my ipod nano and running shoes. now they have developed MAXsight contact lenses that are meant to be used instead of sunglasses. not only do they block all the UV light and […]

remember the term “desktop publishing?” that was teh hotness back in 1988-1998. macintoshes and adobe software and later pcs and all sorts of evil applications like corel draw plus 100,000 copy machines and we would all be our own publisher. it’s true, democratizing the tools necessary to write, design and publish a paper, magazine or […]

it’s been a while since i ran one of these, so there’s alot of catching up to do. on my flight to barcelona a couple months ago, there was a container of dannon la creme vanilla yougurt packed in our breakfast. this is the best tasting tasting, richest yougurt ever. the french are well known […]