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ok. i admit it, i can be a pig-headed chauvinist sometimes. i don’t think women are inferior or that calling chicks cunts is funny. i just don’t have any easy time understanding why terms or ideas that don’t offend me are offensive, or one might substitute the word difficult for offensive. but lately i’ve been […]

we, the nerd collective, went to go see 300 tonight. i will not discuss whether or not it is an allegory for the current war in iraq. it was a friggin comic book people. the movie looked like a comic because just like sin city, it was captured from the book pretty much frame by […]

when i was young and was eating breathing and sleeping japanese, johnny and i separately came across the same story, most likely apocryphal, of a white man coming to japan when they first began interacting with foreigners. the man did everything he could to learn about the country, its culture, its language before he got […]

canadian researchers have discovered that a totally simple, and un-patentable, drug can cause cancer cells to commit suicide. dichloroacetate is inexpensive, and it’s been proven relatively safe treating some other problems. and now these guys have figured out that it turns on the natural power plants inside cells, mitochondria, which cancer turns off. once the […]

it’s taken a long time. years of working out with a concerted effort to really change that started about a year ago, but i finally feel good about what i see when i look in the mirror. honestly i know the image was there long before this month, but this is the month when i […]

it’s been a while since i’ve done a cancer post. wow. i admit i haven’t followed developments in cancer and aids treatments nearly as much as i used to. but here’s something that caught my eye today. a chemist in illinois developed a molecule that basically gets cancer to commit suicide. the idea sounds pretty […]

100 minute abs


so thanks to recent innovations from both the kickboxing instructors and one of the cronies, i have stumbled upon a crushing ab workout which i must say i think is workin wonders. i don’t have a super shredded six pack (yet) but i’m closer and what i do have is better than i ever had […]