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So last night Logo (a gay channel co-owned by MTV and HBO, i believe) and HRC (a gay rights lobby organization) hosted what they called the visible vote, and what everyone else is calling the gay debate. They invited every candidate, democrat or republican, to come answer questions on gay issues. I was using twitter […]

fuckin faggot


it’s been a long long time since i’ve heard those words, but reading this summary of a study by a Berkeley prof about anti-gay discrimination in teen culture brings back alot of memories. during the first half of my life, i went through alot of pain because of the word fag. i wasn’t super effeminate, […]

the third annual battlecry rally took place in SF. If you haven’t heard, battlecry is this christian youth movement created by this guy who wants to raise “soldiers for god” to fight against the gays, the jews, the media and all the big money industries that set the trends (hollywood, silicon valley, etc.) i’ve known […]



david sedaris in his new piece for the new yorker on people trying to guess who’s on top “One of you has to be in for murder and the other for child molesting or something like that, right?”

so snickers runs this ad during the superbowl… and based on that alone, lots of gays were amused and lots of straights were bored. the commercial was safe enough to make everyone happy. which is fine. boring, but fine. but along with that commerical, snickers also put up a website at both and […]

since i know most of you, gay or not, do your best to avoid the foolish scenes that gays have a propensity for making, let me catch you up. remember when i posted about tv actors coming out and one of them was t.r. knight from grey’s anatomy? well the whole reason that dude came […]

well if you haven’t read the Times or seen the news or read any blogs then i’ll forgive you for not knowing what i’m talking about. you see, it seems that one of the many researchers doing work on sexual orientation has caught the attention of the news community. A doctor at OHSU has been […]