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gorilla biscuits: start today dag nasty : values here verbal assault : scared minor threat : i don’t wanna hear it Advertisements

i am in no way implying i am in love, unless you can be in love with an idea, in which case… ANYHOW i just heard someone whistling outside my window and though it didn’t sound the same, it reminded me of my grandpa whistling that weird 1950s song with the orchestra and the chorus […]



i have so much good news! as of tomorrow you will be able to subscribe to this american life as a free podcast. no more stupid streaming flash audio or paying 2 bucks or more per episode from audible. also as of tomorrow, all back episodes will be available from itunes for 99 cents. go […]

so much goodness one post can barely contain it. i’m gonna be gone for a while. a long while. so there’s alot here to keep you occupied in the meantime. love shooz? get ringtones! “bitch. pick up the phone” someone read pattern recognition. the mystery of youtube phenom lonelygirl15 has been solved. fred phelps is […]

spank me


if you haven’t heard spank rock yet, well you don’t know what you’re missing. for the past year i’ve been looking for someone to replace the neptunes as not just super producers but as trend shapers. i needed a new sound, a really new sound, and spank rock has exactly what i’ve been looking for. […]

hopeless acoustic(ish) songs for getting in touch with your emo side. tonic: if you could only see staind: it’s been a while the offspring: gone away the white stripes: jolene, yes the white stripes covered jolene. metallica: fade to black

some movies have all the answers. you can find lines in classics like ferris bueller’s day off, dune, the big lebowski and a few others to fit almost any situation. they can answer questions, provide guidance, inspire, lighten moods. well basically anything. there are musical equivalents to these movies. albums full of such carefully crafted […]