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the third annual battlecry rally took place in SF. If you haven’t heard, battlecry is this christian youth movement created by this guy who wants to raise “soldiers for god” to fight against the gays, the jews, the media and all the big money industries that set the trends (hollywood, silicon valley, etc.) i’ve known […]

i’ve got 100 things to say and i don’t feel like writing a post for each of ’em, so if you don’t like what i’m talkin about, just skip to the next paragraph. i was sick last week and went into a bit of a tv coma when i couldn’t do anything else. i packed […]

adult swim FTW


adult swim never fails to win my enduring adoration. just when you think they’ve come up with every good show idea ever, they throw away half the old ones and pour their energy into crazy new ones. and then you get metalocalypse, frisky dingo and saul of the mole men. you can watch tons of […]

well if you haven’t read the Times or seen the news or read any blogs then i’ll forgive you for not knowing what i’m talking about. you see, it seems that one of the many researchers doing work on sexual orientation has caught the attention of the news community. A doctor at OHSU has been […]

somber notes


first off, i don’t know if any of you pay attention to CNET, but one of their hosts and editors, james kim, and his family have gone missing. they have not been seen or heard from since saturday when they were on their way to the oregon coast. at first those of us who knew […]

so in order to let the catholic church off the hook, ohio has approved new rules that would let anyone be named as a known sex offender and publicly tracked even if that person has never been convicted, or even legally accused of being a sex offender. the best part? if you are put on […]

mmmmm, munch


someone must really like dark chocolate m&ms