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so in order to let the catholic church off the hook, ohio has approved new rules that would let anyone be named as a known sex offender and publicly tracked even if that person has never been convicted, or even legally accused of being a sex offender. the best part? if you are put on […]

whoa. just a few weeks ago, there i was saying that south africa’s policy to bring AIDS drugs to those who need it most was impossible to qualify for, but that the citizens felt helpless and weren’t protesting. well, the citizens of ZA have proved me (and themselves) wrong. 44 protestors occupied the offices the […]

although they no longer appear to be winning the political war, the evangelical christian conservates appear to be winning the cultural one. Politically, i love the hyper conservative freaks like anne coulter, fred phelps, the governor of south carolina, and guy adams. They’re complete absurdity is alienating even conservatives and starting to wake up most […]



Tom Carson, in a GQ article about the decline of ultra conservative pundits and politics, on bill o’reilly “Whatever else you thought of him, he was just so…virile, you know? so Quien es mas macho, in a doughy, vaguely hydrocephalic sort of way.”

cape town blues


Cape Town could be an amazing city. Two large mountains – Table and the Lion burst out from the the city and rise above it beautiful and undeveloped. The city itself is rife with great little neighborhoods which ring what should be a thriving metro area. But it’s anything but. Instead the city is dead. […]



i will get to posting about south africa soon. but one of the most interesting things about the event is that it has brought together journalists from every continent – literally. and we americans are the few who only deal in technology. most deal in whatever stories they are assigned that week. tonight, on a […]

last night craig and i wwent to see the war tapes, it is an amazing new documentary about the current war in iraq shot by 3 soldiers – national guardsman guarding supply convoys for a year. a documentarian got a grant to create a movie about the current operations in iraq. instead of going there […]