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california is likely to pass a bill mandating that all wifi equipment manufacturers warn buyers to password protect their network. this alone sucks because there are so few open access points around here anymore than you can rarely just pull out your laptop and get online, even though you can see at least 5 a.p.s […]

since my motorcycle has been useless for almost a year now, i find myself taking muni more and more. i don’t want to find myself in this situation, but the bike thing is pretty much at a stand still and i can’t even sell the damn thing to buy a new unless it’s fixed, in […]

yesterday i discovered that this weekend was the nihonmachi fair in japantown. i got all excited. i love the street fairs in japantown. awesome food and tons to look at. so after running some errands downtown today, i hopped on the geary and made my way to j town. when i got there, it looked […]

whoa, pt. 2


i know, i know. a day late and a dollar short, but i gotta get this out while i still can. sunday , woke up, took the dogs for a walk and headed down to the mission to grab coffee and a dirt bomb at ritual before heading over to watch the world cup final. […]

whoa, pt. 1


this weekend i would say i took a pause, but just the opposite is true. i took a pause from the usual grind, but i went non-stop the whole time. the weather from 7 am saturday til 4 pm sunday was so perfect that i had to enjoy every bit of it i could. it […]

remember remember the 4th of july? last night instead of going to the embarcadero or the marina to watch official city sponsored fireworks of SF, berkeley, sausalito and beyond, we went to the mission. not like the gentrified mission. no to the real mission. down by pop’s bar all the locals get together, pool their […]

yesterday johnny, steve VC korol, and dwight all came to town for an advanced rider track day at sears point. afterwards tim and i met them up at jim’s chateau for hijinx and dinner. the first thing i noticed is that i’m no longer embarrassed about my own physical condition around these guys, which is […]