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wish me luck


after a horribly failed attempt to sell my powerbook on ebay, i am giving craigslist a go. if this too fails, i will put it back on ebay learning from my earlier mistakes. Advertisements

yes! no!


i don’t know! was that a question? ohhhh the new macbooks are so pretty. and in many ways they are buffer than my powerbook. but i still can’t decide whether to get one. it’s not that i can’t decide between a macbook and a macbook pro. no. that’s not even a question. i honestly don’t […]

it is rare that i wish i lived in new york. i’ve visited enough times to know it’s not my place. but it is the one place where every company i like or respect feels compelled to open a flagship store. sure there was a time when the SF apple store was a flasgship, but […]

in stories, oracles, fortune tellers and prophets were always holed up alone in some hard to get to place. and you know why they were there? not so that it was a challenge to seek them out like literature implies. no they were there because they were so burndened by all the things they knew […]

it’s been a while since i ran one of these, so there’s alot of catching up to do. on my flight to barcelona a couple months ago, there was a container of dannon la creme vanilla yougurt packed in our breakfast. this is the best tasting tasting, richest yougurt ever. the french are well known […]



it’s been a while since i’ve done a game update. here’s what’s been catching my eye. almost a year later, the demo of spore from last year’s GDC has showed up on google video. the american launch of me and my katamari for PSP is imminent and we can get the totally cute prince psp […]

anyone who’s read this for longer than, say, a week, knows hw picky i am about bags and how much i love them. johnny used to joke that when i moved, i had a bag to pack everything in. that was before i acquired this much stuff, and before i had to travel with nice […]