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the age old cycle of release product, add features, release next version of product has gotten out of control. so many products and software now have such an overwhelming number of features that most people can’t figure them out. Apple has been guilty of this, but they are also one of the few brave companies […]

i really don’t know what the CEA was thinking, making CES so late this year. Whatever they were thinking, it wasn’t nice. The CES delay meant this is the first year in 3 or 4 that i had to miss macworld, of course on the year that mad dawg finally launches a friggin phone. of […]

seriously. today i saw a link to channel 4’s faq regarding mac compatibility. this is the exact same excuse i’ve heard from 3 other companies that use windows media DRM word for word. the problem is not that apple won’t open up fairplay to channel 4 and others. this is not about fairplay. in fact […]

this pic (click for biggernator) from engadget basically says all there is to say about why like all of microsoft’s first efforts, the new zune is gonna suck. i know i’m gonna come off like a total apple fan boy here, and in some ways i am. but if you need a kiosk and a […]

california is likely to pass a bill mandating that all wifi equipment manufacturers warn buyers to password protect their network. this alone sucks because there are so few open access points around here anymore than you can rarely just pull out your laptop and get online, even though you can see at least 5 a.p.s […]

you all are bored to tears with me whining about how i have a new phone all the time, and i don’t blame you. no one wants to hear it. instead i’d like to relay a little experience about why i complain about it so much. to illustrate let me tell you about a few […]

this is not about brand names and expensive things. no this is about how i work here. and how i could not work like that in south africa. basically the concept of walking to a local cafe, getting a good cup of joe, and hopping online there to do some work is pretty much impossible […]