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So last night Logo (a gay channel co-owned by MTV and HBO, i believe) and HRC (a gay rights lobby organization) hosted what they called the visible vote, and what everyone else is calling the gay debate. They invited every candidate, democrat or republican, to come answer questions on gay issues. I was using twitter […]

adult swim FTW


adult swim never fails to win my enduring adoration. just when you think they’ve come up with every good show idea ever, they throw away half the old ones and pour their energy into crazy new ones. and then you get metalocalypse, frisky dingo and saul of the mole men. you can watch tons of […]

since i know most of you, gay or not, do your best to avoid the foolish scenes that gays have a propensity for making, let me catch you up. remember when i posted about tv actors coming out and one of them was t.r. knight from grey’s anatomy? well the whole reason that dude came […]



the it’s late and i’m feeling randy edition with one of my favorite lines from coupling: susan “some men are born lucky” jane “what was patrick born” susan “a tripod”



Tom Carson, in a GQ article about the decline of ultra conservative pundits and politics, on bill o’reilly “Whatever else you thought of him, he was just so…virile, you know? so Quien es mas macho, in a doughy, vaguely hydrocephalic sort of way.”

well my getting rid of the tv and just using the imac thing for entertainment has only been mildly successful. no, i haven’t bought a new tv, but i did buy a tv receiver for my imac. i figured i could hook my mac up to my cable (which we have because we have cable […]



i actually turned on the “tv” tonight. that is, i turned the tuner on my mac on and just let it play a totally idiotic show for an hour. it was really all i could do to eat some dinner and watch tv. holy cripes. the folks at the gym are training for a couple […]