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ok. last post about thailand (i think). the temple of the reclining buddha is actually this huge compound with tons of temples and statuaries. and so there is far more than just one buddha. the reclining buddha is just the largest and most famous. before one of the smaller buddhas was the can / basket […]

the truth


in addition to some misconceptions about what happened politically over there, there are a number of things i didn’t realize about thailand til i went there. now you can either be better prepared than me or pretend like you’ve already been. 1. the thai love their king. and love is probably not even a strong […]

just imagine it. it’s friday night and every parent and kid in every town has pretty much one thing on their mind – the big game. only instead of the big game, it’s the big fights. just like how saturday is the big day for college and pro sports in the US, it is the […]

the last time i had a day like today was when i was 21. seriously. i remember the champs would all gather at gideon’s family resort in the catskills and we would just get silly. go on hikes or for a ride. eat pizza. play volleyball or some made-up game poorly. talk all night. today […]

bad thaiming


well, somehow while i was somewhere over the pacific, the thai military held a coup and are attempting to depose the current prime minister. i flew directly into phuket and had no clue there was even anything wrong. things down here are totally normal. the only disturbance is in bangkok so far. the good news […]