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it wasn’t me


by the way, if you tried to check in to the site over the weekend, hope the lack of a site didn’t scare you. it sorta scared me, since i wondered where all my stuff went. it was simply beyond my control. my blog host had ram problems or something and all the blogs hosted […]

ok, maybe the second to last piece of the puzzle, but once you’re that far, you know where both of them go so let’s just call it the last piece. not that you’ll notice but the sidebar here has changed slightly. yesterday wordpress gave us the power to re-arrange our sidebar and determine exactly what […]



i really really want to finish moving my blog over here, but the forces of wordpress are conspiring against me. features that they’ve been promising us for months still aren’t online, and features that are online seem broken for no reason. i still can’t import the 750+ posts from my typepad blog, so i’m keeping […]